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May 2024

ASEA Reviews: Does ASEA Redox Signaling Technology Really Work?

Redox signaling molecules are vital to the body’s defense and cellular healing mechanisms. They are a natural chemical process that occurs inside every cell.

ASEA Reviews

According to ASEA reviews, employees highly value the company’s CEO, Chuck Funke. Employees also report being satisfied with their compensation and work environment. Working at ASEA is considered a great opportunity. Read on Scam Risk for more information.

More and more people are starting to hear about a new company and product called ASEA, which is generating global excitement. The company’s flagship product, ASEA Redox Supplement, is unlike anything else on the market and leverages a groundbreaking technology known as redox signaling.

Redox signals are produced in every cell of the human body and serve as messengers that communicate essential information to and from our cells. They are critical for the immune system and our natural cellular healing processes. However, as we age, these molecules become depleted, and our bodies aren’t as efficient at repairing and replacing damaged or worn-out cells and tissues. This leads to a downward spiral where unhealthy, aged cells and tissues start to take over healthy, younger ones.

To combat this, ASEA developed and patented a breakthrough process that restructures salt and water to produce these exact life-sustaining molecules outside the body. The molecules are then verified for quality and effectiveness by a third-party lab, BioAgilytix. The result is a liquid supplement that is safe to drink and provides our bodies with the essential redox signaling molecules they need to function at their best.

Besides its flagship ASEA Redox Supplement, the company also offers a revitalizing whole-body skin gel called RENU 28 that also leverages the power of redox signaling. The company has been growing rapidly since its inception and now operates in 26 international markets. As research catches up to the groundbreaking nature of this emerging science, we can expect to see many more products from ASEA that will offer additional health and wellness benefits.

While it is certainly exciting to hear about a product that may be at the forefront of scientific innovation, we have concerns about ASEA’s claims regarding its effectiveness and safety. Considering that it is, at its core, just salt water with some electricity buzzing through it, we believe it is important to have independent peer-reviewed research to support these claims before we can begin seeing results in our own bodies. Until then, we would recommend finding a supplement that is clinically researched and has positive customer feedback regarding its effectiveness.

How Does Asea Work?

Scientists at ASEA discovered a process that creates active, shelf-stable redox signaling molecules. Their breakthrough led to the creation of ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement, which became a global multimillion-dollar enterprise. Since its launch, the company has expanded its product line to include ASEA VIA, a line of supplements that provide essential nutrients to support healthy cells and the body’s natural redox signaling process.

All ASEA redox products are manufactured at the ASEA Redox Center, an FDA-registered facility located within a mile of ASEA’s global headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. This state-of-the-art facility is fully equipped to meet all FDA Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Asea focuses on using redox signaling to help the body reduce oxidative stress, a common cause of health problems like inflammation. Oxidative stress is caused by free radicals, which are unstable molecules that can damage cells and disrupt metabolic function. The redox signaling molecules in ASEA products stabilize free radicals and activate genes that prevent or slow the aging process.

Redox signaling is a crucial process that takes place inside every cell in the human body. Redox signaling molecules communicate with the cell’s nucleus, which houses the cellular blueprint in small segments called genes. Genetic expression allows the nucleus to access and apply this cellular information to orchestrate a cell’s specialized functions, such as creating energy for the cell or repairing damaged cells.

ASEA uses a proprietary treatment that charges the particles in salt water, equipping them with new powers. The result is a product that has the same structure as pure distilled water but also contains redox signals.

The redox signals that are released by the nucleus activate genes, which in turn prevent or slow the aging process and promote optimal health and vitality. ASEA is the first and only dietary supplement on the market that is clinically proven to contain these life-sustaining redox signaling molecules. It has been studied by doctors and scientists, who have found that it activates gene pathways for good and reduces oxidative stress.

ASEA invests heavily in research to support its products. The company partnered with Taueret Laboratories to conduct a study that used gene expression to determine the effect ASEA REDOX had on the body. Researchers found that people who drank ASEA REDOX for eight weeks experienced a 20–31% change in gene expression in five key genes related to reducing oxidative stress and inflammation.

Is Asea safe?

ASEA is a dietary supplement formulated to meet the strict standards of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and backed by third-party research. It is a safe alternative to expensive and dangerous pharmaceuticals that can cause side effects. The company also offers a money-back guarantee on its products.

Unlike ordinary supplements, ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement is the first product in the world that contains active redox signaling molecules that enhance cellular communication and healthy gene expression. This makes it a powerful anti-aging supplement. It can also increase the body’s energy levels and improve immune system function.

Redox signaling is an essential life process that enables the cells in your body to communicate with each other and to repair and replace damaged or unhealthy ones. These processes are triggered by redox signaling molecules that are produced in our mitochondria, but they are depleted over time due to aging and environmental stress. ASEA Redox supplements replenish these molecules, thus enabling our bodies to restore and maintain their optimal level of health.

ASEA has created a proprietary technology that restructures salt and water to produce these exact life-sustaining molecules outside the body. The result is a liquid solution that has the same molecular makeup as the plasma and blood in our bodies. Drinking four ounces of ASEA twice a day supplements the body’s redox signaling and keeps the cells in your body functioning at their best.

The company’s redox signaling products are made in an FDA-registered and NSF-certified facility within a mile of their global headquarters in Pleasant Grove, Utah. The manufacturing facility is a GMP-compliant facility, which means that it follows good manufacturing practices for the production of dietary supplements. This is important to ensure the safety of consumers.

The products contain very low amounts of sodium, which is a good thing since too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure and other negative health consequences. The drinks are also free of gluten, sugar, artificial flavors, and colors. They are also not recommended to be mixed with any other substances because they may alter their charged state, which could affect their effectiveness.

Is Asea effective?

The company has been in business for a decade and boasts athletic sponsorship and anecdotal ergogenic claims, but there is no independent research on the effectiveness of ASEA products. The company has been making a beverage called ASEA Redox Cell Signaling Supplement that they claim improves athletic performance by increasing oxygen levels in the bloodstream. It is a combination of salt water and electrolytes that are charged with redox molecules, which are chemical messengers used by the cells to communicate with each other. Redox signals are essentially free radicals that are produced in the body during normal metabolic processes and can have positive or negative effects depending on their concentration. Redox signaling technology harnesses these signals to positively impact cellular health by reducing or eliminating the excess free radicals that are typically harmful.

As the first and only product of its kind, the ASEA Redox Supplement is unlike anything else on the market. Drinking four ounces of the product twice a day provides your cells with healthy levels of redox signaling molecules that help enhance cellular communication and healthy gene expression. This results in enhanced immune system function, joint health, cellular regenerative properties, increased energy production, and much more.

ASEA Redox is nontoxic and derived from natural sources. Its ingredients are processed in a facility that is FDA-registered, NSF-certified, and meets the standards of the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) program. The manufacturer has also invested millions of dollars to research and study the science behind redox signaling.

Redox molecules are found in the human body and are naturally occurring. ASEA Redox is made up of trillions of these molecules suspended in a pristine solution that mimics the redox signaling molecular composition found in the human body. As researchers catch up to the groundbreaking nature of redox signaling biology, this technology could take its place among some of the most significant health and anti-aging breakthroughs of our time.